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Gary Crutcher

Param.bin (mmcblk0p4) partition contents

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Since I have been wanting to change the boot logo in param.bin, I decided to write a program to dump the contents since I new it contained images.

Below are the 26 images (JFIF) I have extracted and their sizes.

The boot logo (image 14 - 44.91kb) is at offset 0x6c000.

I have yet to make any changes as I am still thinking about the best approach.

EDIT: Thanks to [email protected], the param file is a plain .tar file. Therefore, it should seem easy to replace the logo.img file.

EDIT2: logo.jpg is also in the Sbl.bin partition (8 images) - it seems to override what's in the param.bin partition - no boot logo change with this model I guess.


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