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[RECOVERY] ClockworkMod Touch Recovery v5.8.4.5

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This is a port of ClockworkMod Touch Recovery based on the v5.5.0.4 build I released earlier. It is ported using builder.clockworkmod.com as seemingly no source is available for ClockworkMod Touch Recovery yet. This means there are the following issues;

  • The device is not recognised via ADB when in recovery.
  • USB mounting also does not work as the lunfile cannot be set, as there is no source to set it in.

This is also flashed using fastboot or via the zip through ClockworkMod, and this time there is no change log at all, as there is no source...

Download: recovery-clockwork- 4,128 KB - MD5: dc5a7b7b28f7fb0c7150f05a0bb86e1a

ZIP: recovery-clockwork- 4,372 KB - MD5: d1558f96a83b666e9fec20f285e807b7

By using this you accept the risk you are taking in that there is no ADB in recovery, which can be an essential escape if you really bugger up your phone!

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Checked this out and unfortunately couldn't get it to boot into recovery mode. Gets stuck on the splash screen if trying to boot to recovery, but no effect on normal startup or bootloader, thankfully. Used Terminal Emulator to flash_image and it gave an error on the first "block" but didn't stop flashing it, tried twice and same result. Flashed the new 5.5 non touch CWM same way through TE, no issues and boots as expected.

I have an OSFII too Daz, does this work for you? Checksums were correct too

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Works fine for me. I fastbooted it, like I do with everything.

Yep, it works that way, fastbooted it now :) But gives some strange flickering, like the screen is turning off and recovery rebooting every few seconds. Known issue? Or how can I fix it?

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