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Suggestions for new phone

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Hey Everyone,

Just unboxed my G300 yesterday after a nice run with the orange san Francisco

I am fairly confident with installing new ROMs and such (not great but can follow directions) but was wondering where people suggest I start.

I'm a bit confused with the number of different custom roms available and the different stock roms as well.

I would rather get to the setup I want now rather than setting up junk just to have to wipe it. It also seems like there are some stock roms that prevent you from adding others???

If anyone has a clear breakdown of what is available so far (and what is likely to be available in the near future) it would be much appreciated.

Clearing the vodafone bloat ware and the partition swap seem to appeal the most at the moment (Gr2). But I'm also just thinking of rooting and go with the ICS update when it comes out.

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Tillaz's rom is a good start. Paul is working on a rom based on the Chinese official ics.

i think u might have to update to B926 as the Baseband has changed(thats what Tillaz said) regards ICS

but gingerbread wise, have to agree Tillaz AtomicMod is by far the best gingerbread rom about for the phone imo

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