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Android-x86 running ARM apps thanks to LIBHOUDINI and Buildroid.ORG

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Some days back Daniel Fages from buildroid.org do the magic getting the Binary Translator of intel phones and doing a hack to can use in Android-x86 for virtualbox images, some days after he did to any Android-x86, so now, we have ARM apps working (not all, just ARMv5 at the moment).

I did my own build, and some benchmarks/test, if you wanna see it, just take a look at here:

How-to: Add ARM emulation (Binary Translator aka “libhoudini”) on Android-x86 4.0 ICS builds Step by Step.

Exclusive: Android-x86 4.0.4 “EeePC” running ARM apps (libhoudini videos/benchmarks, Angry birds, Quake3, Max Payne)

I hope that help, enjoy.

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