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Just using the CWM Easy Installer as the way to do it, and the VF B882 update.app to have the original recovery image, I have "created" a CWM Easy Installer, that will install the original recovery. This can be used just in case someone need to do so (to avoid the phone's screen on when charging powered off, or back to the original phone's status if you don´t have the stock ROM but you have done a backup, like me that I have SPANISH YOIGO 2.3.6 B883).

As I have read, ICS changes the recovery (all update.app do this, I know it), but I don't know if just means it changes the CWM if you have installed, or the stock recovery is diferent (mine now is Android system recovery <3e>).

By now I have no planed to update to ICS, so if someone can give me that information, it would be simple do the same with the B926 update.app and CWM Easy Installer.

Download CWM Easy Installer with stock recovery

Spanish original topic (HTCMania).


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