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[App][2.2+]WiFi Hack (Fake)

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Hi smile.gif

This is my first ever app so please, go easy on me. Its a simple app that fools someone with a secure wifi into thinking that u hacked it. It gives a connected notification In the status bar too. It actually works off ur normal data connection

Suggestions and feedback appreciated

1st release

-initial alpha

2nd release

-added sound

-added options menu with exit button

3rd release

-partially fixed screen resolution issue for smaller devices

4th release

-fixed notification-on issue even after exiting app

5th release

-added (suggested by karthiknr) to make it look convincing

6th release

-added time delay between binary text

-added "about" button in options menu

7th release

-added binary text after "obtaining baseband hosts"

-added background for a sleeker UI

8th release

-added real WiFi scanning capabilities

-added donate button

-various tweaks

-minor bugfixes

9th release

-Revamped About screen

-Fixed Hack button and LDPI issues


Download :

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