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Screen Protector (Savvies Crystal Clear) for Orange San Diego

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Here is a little note on a screen protector I bought. Only one (German) firm is currently advertising dedicated screen protectors for OSD on ebay, a firm called protectionfilms24. I bought their single Savvies Crystal Clear (£2.40), deciding to avoid their generic 6x screen protector ultraclear (£1.49) as it got some bad reviews across a range of different phones.

Here is what I found:

1) It arrived from Germany in a matter of days.

2) It is professionally cut/etched (no scissor jobs!)

3) It has the 3 expected cut-outs for front facing camera, speaker and light sensor, but not in exactly the right position.

4) It will cover the entire front face of the phone, including capacitive buttons, and not just the LCD screen. Therein lies a problem, the fit to the front face is so pefect that there is no margin for error in positioning the thing. It would have been much easier if it were just a few millimetres shorter in each dimension. This lack of wiggle-room then goes on to highlight that the 3 cut-outs aren't exactly millimetre perfectly placed. The centre of the front facing camera nearly shoots through the protector.

5) I was never able to fit the damn thing without air bubbles.

So, close but no cigar, and I wouldn't recommend this protector. It is quite annoying that they obviously took the time to measure up the San Diego - but didn't quite get it right! I have fiddled so long with it - it is now just fit for the bin.

I might buy one of their 6x packs now, nothing to lose. Oh, and they also do more expensive brands too.

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I got some off ebay, a six pack, after trying the first one I threw the whole pack in the bin.Absolutely useless, they where so thin and flimsy, no quality at all, and as you stated, they covered the whole front and are near impossible to line up. Also, even when lined up well, the bubbles just wont come out because of the flimsy nature of the material used.

There is a 3m one on ebay for near 7 quid, but I wont be paying that when I will most likely screw it up first time, I see the first attempt as a warm up when fitting a screen protector, so at least a pack off three is a must for me.

These ones I got: http://www.ebay.co.u...=item2a1f0b4ba5

Just noticed, all the ones on ebay are from that same seller, so I am staying well clear, taking a look on amazon next.

These ones look better: http://www.amazon.co.uk/CLiREX-UltraClear-PROTECTOR-Protection-Protective/dp/B008GB1OBO/ref=sr_1_5?ie=UTF8&qid=1341788229&sr=8-5

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Your naff EBay purchase was a 6 pack of Ultraclears from Germany.

Your suggested Amazon purchase is a 6 packs of Ultraclears from a German seller, but more expensive.

I'd be scared I was buying the same naff product again!

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Oh.....I will give that a miss altogether then, hopefully the gorilla glass will do its job.

I find I'm a bit paranoid with the phone being all glass on the front. It goes in my coat/jacket pocket, but when it does nothing else goes in that pocket at all, not even tissues. A spectacle cleaning cloth is also great for getting rid if fingerprints, and they only cost a quid or two and don't scratch either.

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