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Gen2 internal memery repartition succeeded!

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Hello guys, my racer is from 3uk, and I flahsed it to official android 2.2.2 by TPT method.

I tried Brasil / Russian /greek version ROM, all work well and they're almost the same!

Problem is after upgrade to gen2, the size of Data partition is too small, really a issue when you intall more and more apps.

So I tried to reparition it, to make the “data” bigger. Inspired by the blade's repartition method( which has been working long go), I managed to make it happen on my racer! ( now my data is 289M, system= 136M)

But this has to be done via TPT flash, kind of dangerous if you have no idea what it is.

If someone want to do the same regardless of the dangerous part, I can share the moded TPT files and the tool to flash.

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you can always rewrite your ramdisk and use your sdcard as data partition or something.. or just plain A2SD

How do I do this?

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