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Apps Update process on SD

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Ciao a tutti!!!

I'm writing because I'm really annoyed by the persistent error message of "not available space" during the apps update process!!!

When there are 10+ updates (or less than 10 but requiring a lot of Mb, like Angry Birds, ...) I have to run the update for a couple of apps, then wait more than 10 minutes before update another app, ect...

Is there a way to move the update process on the SD card insted the LM internal memory?

My phone configuration is:

- Acer Gingerbread stock rom, with stock kernel (and at the moment I'm not interested in installing a coocked rom)

- rooted

- using Link2SD with ext partition where I've moved all the linkable apps. The ext partition is also used as default memory for new apps.

Please help me to solve!!!

Have a nice day!!!!

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Install app back up and restore from playstore its free backup all apps with it mount phone to pc find app backup file save it to pc. Format your sd card do a factory reset.install latest clockwork mod recovery, root phone install latest technolovers kernel. Partion your sd to ext 4 up to 2gb max install ad2sdx by technolover.doesn't change you ROM it will stay stock contact me for help I have all files and will guide you through it

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