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Couple of noob B886 questions.

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Hello all.

I am a complete noob to the world of android apart from a SF2 that a friend unlocked etc for me. I have bought a G300 and am awaiting the unlock code from Vodaphone.

I am going to use this phone on GiffGaff so i do not want the Vodaphone bloatware on it so i was going to try to install the B886 rom from the guide frankish posted but just a couple of queries first.

Will B886 get rid of the Vodaphone bloatware?

Is it better to install B886 before i unlock it? Or can i unlock then install B886?

And just wanted to say this is a great site and it is a credit to the creator and the community on here.


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Install B888 and you'll be fine, gets rid of all the Vodafone stuff and is incredibly simple to install.

If you ever needed to downgrade (unlikely), there's a few steps involved but it's fairly simple.

Install it now, get used to the phone, then unlock (that's what I did!).

I came to this after an iPhone 4 (killed it!) TMV (hated it) then this... nice.

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