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XBMC for Android :-) coming soon...

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IMHO this is big big news for Android (especially under the TV):


Seems like development has been on something called the PIVOS XIOS DS set-top-box

And what do you know these seem to be readily available in the UK as the Sumvision NANO 1 slim (and slim+)

NANO 1 Slim + is £79.99 delivered


Also at ebuyer for £77.99 delivered



NANO 1 Slim is £75.99 delivered (only differences being 1 less USB and no RJ45 NIC socket as far as I can tell)


Sumvision page


I've been a user of XBMC for many years - still use my softmodded original XBOX with XBMC for iplayer and other catchup services (and games and upscaling DVD playback!). Also used is on MAC's and Windows + the great Raspberry PI with RASPBMC http://www.raspbmc.com/ :-)

XBMC is cross platform and been on IOS for a while - but as the new Apple TV isn't jailbroken yet the 2nd gen ATV's go for lots of cash as they are Jailbreakable and they run XBMC - so big opportunity for Google to get under the TV - but just not in Googles intended way!

Really looking forward to this - hope Paul and Modaco see the potential in this as well.

Some further info from research - but it's in this xbmc.org post: http://forum.xbmc.org/showthread.php?tid=136149&pid=1148355#pid1148355


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Looking forward to this. Wife's Arc S has HDMI out my Gnex as remote, travelling media centre sorted!

Shame it won't be supporting Tegra 2, tho

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Excellent! I have an Advent Vega and Dock that I want to give to my in-laws to use as a media server... will try both builds as I have 3 devices

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