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My lg 2x lost sound, please help!

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My Lg optimus 2x (su660) lost sound, just like silent.

I used CM7 rom. If the phone left untouched, then the phone no sound at all... but when i turn off the phone and turn on again, everything seems normal again. but when i left the phone idle again, the same thing happened..no sound.. So, I reflashed CM7, my phone lost sound. I tried MIUI rom, same problem =>lost sound. I tried stock rom 2.2 => no sound. I pluged jack headphone, but no sound.

Now, play music no sound, ringtone no sound, call no sound. Music or video can't play normal => play faster x3...

So sorry, my english so bad.

Please help me! Thanks so much.

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To fix this for sure, learn how to NVFlash, you will get your phone most if your phone cleared as well. As I have a ril issue I pm Ferrum Master, I already did NVFlash, but after this I have to update flash 20s using LG update by imei, then phone will be clean :)

It's been more than a year since I last used it, but Homero released a rooted rom in NVFlash format, and now Bihariel made it possible to run dual boot on o2x, great if you need a stable system and test new roms simultaneously :)

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