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Skype on three app (the free one) working :)

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Hi folks just to save someone else the trouble of trying various skype on three apps, I can confirm version Skype_1.5.0.13_3UK_live works fine on the stock G300 from vodafone. more info and download link here:


This version of skype is free on the three network but on works when connected via 3G and uses no bandwidth or data allowance. To use Skype over wifi you need to install from Google Play.

Enjoy :D

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Thats a special Three version of Skype that sets up the call over IP but then makes the call as a regular call. I stopped using that because when calling Thailand almost every call I made, the remote end could not hear me (and Skype/Three was really deaf about fixing this issue; after a year the problem still exists). So I went back to using regular Skype and making my calls over wifi.

Just bought another G300 (last one requisitioned by girl friend). Running stock B893 rom and standard Skype from play store works perfectly (I mean voice).

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