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Hello guy's,

You could read recently that Lens_Flare has briked his phone. This site is his site. With all his roms etc.

Now maybe we need to look at an other horizon. In my eyes, we need to expand the community. So I recently contacted acer and they are now supporting me. I'll get all new products from Acer for testing them. I think we could try to open LFDesigns to the whole acer gamma (smartphones and tablets included). But we should not stop to support custom roms. So I and Lens are looking to a follower for the Liquid MT someone who could finish his work with Ice Cream Sandwich. If you are the person we are looking for, please contact us with the Shoutbox or send a mail to [email protected] .

We also need your help to make this site live. Don't be afraid to writte things, we won't eat you! :D So go on forum and let rock and roll! :D If you have suggestions you can always say them and we will see what we can do.

Also, I would like to have more "news" on this site. If you know much things about the android community or just wan't to become a Newser, you are welcome and you will get acces to the admin section to writte some news on the blog!

Last thing, could you please share this news on all android community's that you know or just friends? It would be great.

Thank you to support us!

We love you

Go on http://www.lfdesigns.tk and support us!

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Oh I've only realised I haven't posted my Rom (mokee)... 2 weeks and it will be on ;) great job loveforever and thanks lens for your wonderful work

Btw our phone does have life left

Ps: are you working on an app or a mobile version or neither?

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Yes i'm working but i need your support :)

Please Mtman1 post your mokeeos on LFDesigns on forum or suggest page :) I'll give you ftp access and admin access on site after :)

Also give me your gtalk account on PM :)

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I'd also love to that project be alive, as two LF-s community deposit.

I will also support anybody who will dare to port next miui, as my guide is pretty finished: http://forum.xda-developers.com/showthread.php?p=28885469#post28885469

what about modaco community, I think we should left it in stride of "acer-based roms".

What can you say guys?

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