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B885 vendor update file

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Could somebody please share B885 vendor update (app) with voda bloatware? I have downloaded ROM from official Huawei site but there is no vendor file in the package.

I'm about to return phone and would like to restore default ROM, unfo I'm missing this file.

Thank you in advance.

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Install this, then do an over the air to the latest.


This is then back to Vodafone stock.

This is exactly what I did before posting. The thing is that after installation I have clean GB, no voda software and no vendor update available. It allowed for online upgrade to B885 , but after upgrade situation is just the same. Today I upgraded to B892 from Huawei website marked as vodafone branded and still have non-branded GB.

Not sure if this is important, but I was on B886, B894 and B927 before downgrading to B882.

I do not have CWM, all operations were done using update.app. I was sure, that I could restore Vodafone stock using software from Huawei website, unfo I was so wrong.......

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