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Sonny Atwal

Bluetooth + Sat Nav = Extreme Lagg

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In my car I have recently had a bluetooth head unit with parrot built in installed (pioneer). I obviously use this when driving to answer calls hands free and the sound comes through my speakers. I also need to use the sat nav function on my phone as well on a regular basis.

Today on 2 separate occasions I had the bluetooth connected up to the head unit and then tried using the sat nav and it was lagging by 10 seconds making it useless.

If I use one function at a time, it works perfectly but both together is an issue, I am guessing this is due to the phone being single core. I am just wondering do you think this issue could be solved through efficient custom ROM's and overclocking? e.g. If I install atomic mod and a overclocking kernel is released meaning i push it up to 1.4 ghz, it will now be able to do both at the same time lagg free.

Currently running B926, I have Supercharger running, as well as advanced task killer. Apart from this issue the phone is running quite well imo, but ideally I would like both of these functions to work together, otherwise I have just wasted a lot of money on this new head unit for nothing.

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