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Google rolls out Android 4.1.1 Jelly Bean to Nexus S!

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Google has started rolling out an OTA update of Android on the Nexus S, transforming 4.0.4 into 4.1.1 - Jelly Bean!

I've got the I9020 with Super AMOLED in the UK, but so far my phone is insisting that with 4.0.4 it's up-to-date. I have a TalkMobile SIM (piggy backs on Vodafone UK).

Anyone else in the UK had any luck receiving this? Anyone taken the plunge and manually downloaded and flashed the update?

Have tried the Google Services Framework trick (Hit the menu key from the desktop > Manage Apps > ALL tab > Google Service Framework > Force Stop AND Clear data. Reboot Phone. Settings > About Phone > System Updates), but the result seems to be that my Google's News & Weather app is now broken (refusing to connect) :-)

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are you running stock ICS?

If not then you have a modified recovery image and i think i read somewhere that unless you have the stock recovery image Google OTAs will not happen.

Someone correct me if I'm wrong.


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