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newbie -Help installing new ROM

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I got my vega for christmas after reading the reviews saying how good it can be once you install the new ROM, but since then I've just used it as it is out of the box as I find it all very confusing.

Although at the minute I'm not a big app user I've now decided to take the plunge and have a go at installing a new ROM as I find quite a few things frustrating with this thing as it is:

  • Lack of apps - I'd like to move into this century and see what its all about
  • I cant get kindle ereader to download (it says on google play that I dont have a supported device - or something like that) I'm not a big reader but it would be nice to have the option
  • I'd like to be able to use a USB pen drive withit to play movies etc

I've read hundreds of post about installing a new ROM - I've seen ones for the Vegacomb and Icecream sandwich, they all seem to be updated versions on different posts, my problem is I really dont know where to start? Which one do I go for?

I've also seen posts about bricking the thing and that worries me a bit as I think it might be better to have a working something than a bricked nothing....

As you've probably gathered by now I am a real novice when it comes to this sort of thing - I dont know my kernals from my flash but I can follow comprehensive instructions and so I really need an idiots guide to walk me through the installation process (or someone local who could do it for me!) Can anyone help please as I really think my vega is not achieving it potential!

Thank you for your help in advance.

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Hi i had the same problems with putting new roms on my vega,

like you, never did anything like that before ,

youtube has several videos on it step by step guides,

thats how i learnt, its not difficult if i can do it anyone can,

hope this helps

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Personally, I'd recommend VegaCream RC2, as that seems to be the best ROM at the moment. It's Android 4.0.4 (Ice Cream Sandwich) so it's almost up to date (4.1 Jellybean came out very recently, so a version for the Vega (VegaBean) is still a work in progress), and it's a stable version with all features working, giving you access to the Play Store and all apps, and everything I've ever tried to run on it has worked fine.

You can install it using NVFlash - so download the NVFlash version (.exe file) and to install it all to have to do is run the file (double click) while your tablet is connected to your computer in recovery mode.

So the only tricky part (for a newbie) will be learning how to get your tablet into recovery mode - and there are plenty of guides, written and video, to help you with that. Just connect the tablet to your PC with a USB cable, make sure the power cable is plugged in, and press the power button while holding down the back button. Your PC should detect the tablet and it will appear in Device Manager - you'll need to install the driver for it the first time. Then just run the ROM's .exe file and it will automatically detect the tablet and do everything for you.

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