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I found Android 2.3,V100R001C17B897 , hope I am not double posting. I have no idea what the changes are.

Edit: Google translated the change log, nothing interesting I think...

Description of the Update

China Unicom customized

1 Fixed authentication type in the APN parameters;

2 mobile phone input method language with the system language automatically switch.


Simplified Chinese

Applicable Products

Huawei of Ascend the G 300

Edited by broekhuijsen

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At least with all these GB releases it means they could release an ICS with fixed OpenGL, maybe...

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any guide how to install this?

i have 927 atm

I went from884 to 888 to 927 to 885 to 892. To go away from 927 i just emptied the dload folder on the phone and put in the 885 update.app file into the phone shut phone down pulled battery, put battery back in held volume + and volume - then hit the power button and phone installed the update package then I followed the exact same procedure to go from 885 to 892. Then rooted and cwm as normal. Edited by putbinoot

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