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Huawei ascend g300 question

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Warning, Smartphone newbie here.

I am wanting to join the smartphone revolution. I'm a bit late to the party but now that they are more affordable I am in the market to buy one in the budget range (£100 or under) for pay as you go.

I am pretty much sure I want to go for the Huawei Ascend g300 as most of the reviews seem to agree that you get a very good phone for the money and I like the big screen.

One of the most important things I need from the phone is that it will work with local sim cards abroad. I travel to Asia quite frequently and would like to be able to use it there as well, as in the past I have had to buy new handsets when travelling. I know it is possible to unlock a phone but if bought from vodafone with all its inbuilt branded stuff, will it still work ok overseas?

I've also heard that the phone has had some issues with it factory resetting itself and a separate problem with the ringer volume. Can anyone confirm whether these issues have been corrected? I don't want to buy what appears to be a great phone but then find it has software/firmware (or what ever you call it) problems down the road.

If anyone has any recommendations of smartphones under £100 that they would get above the Huawei, do tell.


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