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sd formated,urgent help!

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i was trying to install a rom,and in the CWM i formated the sd along with the others by mistake,now i can't reach the rom i transfered and the phones won't boot for sure

i tried to flash the google stock with gnex toolkit (using step 9) and i downloaded the file but it fails and what is shown to me is what you have in the attached image,it gets stuck at the "sending radio"

what should i do,i really need urgent help here

please just know that i'm a total noob so please tell me what to do step by step so i could understand


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Try nexus root toolkit instead. I used that for my nexus 7 and seems pretty functional. Otherwise it's time to learn how to use adb :( I'll keep a look out so shot of you need more help, although I wouldn't class myself as an expert by any means

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