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sandeep kumar

Exculsive infographic on Near field communication

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Here is an exclusive infographic on "Near Field Communication (NFC)" with visual information on NFC roadmap, comparison with other wireless technologies and various adoption of NFC across enterprises and industries. The infographics can be viewed at http://www.xcubelabs...nfographics.php and is free to republish (We have even created a blog friendly version) with necessary credits.

Since you take great interest in publishing news, tips and data related to new technologies like NFC on your website, we thought it will be of interest to you and your readers.

Infographic Title: Near Field Communication

Infographic description Mobile phones have become an integral part of a human being’s life and with an emerging technology like NFC, the reliance on these devices is just getting more fervid. Mobile posters, mobile coupons and mobile tickets – NFC is making all that possible. Here is an infographic on NFC that encompasses its history, roadmap, its comparison with other wireless technologies, adoption across industries and the challenges confronted.

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The future is amazing for this kind of tech. Not only near field technology, but internal components that can 'talk' wirelessly & transmit electricity (very small amounts) between themselves, again without wires or printed solder. I seem to remember it was sony trialling this technology.

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