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I've always been a heavy user of gmail, but am changing my views....

Microsoft have just released outlook.com to replace hotmail eventually... if you go in now and sign up or update your hotmail login, you could be able to get a decent/appropriate email address before they get snaffled up. You can also set up multiple aliasses in the same account.

The Android hotmail app is definitely faster than gmail in my testing, and you don't get the threaded email display that gmail does, which irritates the hell out of me and takes up too much screen space.

There's also the hotmail connector for outlook, so if you have a work email account you can get your personal stuff in there too, and is much more reliable than Gmail IMAP. And of course you can forward your @gmail.com mails to it.

The web interface seems pretty good too, and it looks like mails aren't delivered to other devices if you have the web interface open, which stops your phone bleeping all day when you're at work! www.outlook.com.

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