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RE:Facebook Contacts Sync?

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I would say none of them...they are rom specific.

Looks to me like you will need to do the following :

1. Grab a copy of your current rom in clockwork installable zip form, rather then the Huawei update format.

2. Extract the ContactsProvider.apk file out of it...alternatively just use a root explorer to grab it.

3. Install the Java SDK

4. Download the Smali program (which is in Java from what i can see), and dissasemble the apk file.

5. Follow the instructions given in the "detailed explanation".

6. Assemble the apk file

7. flash the zip file to your phone using clockwork, either individualy or copy it into the rom zip file and flash the whole rom if thats easier for you.

I think thats the general premise....I did start to have a go at this...I installed the JDK, but couldnt get smali running for some reason...and I ran out of spare time.

Hopefuly someone else can do this for the various G300 roms.

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