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First of all, the CM10 port isn't even out of alpha, second, CMREX is just CM10 with a few changes and only a few apply to our devices.

- Android 4.1.1 JRO03H CM10 + Kernel 02.08.2012 (Euroskank)

- update Beats Audio (31.07.2012)

- Desing JB Sandart, Cobalt (blue) abd Gummetal Cobalt (black)

- Kill app back button

- Face Unlock

- Added Titan Backup

- changed Lockscreen Sound

So it's just the CM10 base with another kernel (Their kernel probably wouldn't even be used in a port), with a couple of themes, kill app back button which can be enabled in CM10, Face unlock(Which we CANNOT use) and a modified lockscreen sound.

Doesn't sound at all needed/wanted at this point.

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