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Error updating firmware

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Hi, I have a stock Vodaphone G300 (B885) that has been unlocked and rooted (using the recommended method stickied in this forum).

When I try to update the firmware using the About Phone .. Update .. Firmware update menu option, the B892 is downloaded and it tries to install it, but the install fails.

It says:

Checking patch files ...

assert failed: apply patch check("system/build.prop") <long hex number>


Installation aborted

I have made a couple of changes to the build.prop file, am in right in guessing it is these it is objecting too? If I reverse the changes will this allow the install to continue? (this was for the microphone problem and to stop it constantly warning me on wi-fi loss/aquire charges).

I guess it will be easy enough to try it and see, but someone may have another suggestion.



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YOU NEED TO FLASH STOCK RECOVERY,just re root and that should flash the stock recovery again

or maybe just revert the setting you changed in the build prop back to the default value?

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