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ZTE Racer Custom ROM Help!

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Hi. I have a Telstra Smart Touch T3020 (A.K.A ZTE Racer) and I have Android 2.1 Update 1 installed on it. I really want to get 2.2 or 2.3 so I can get the Google Play store. I have seen a few ROM's out there, but I have never been sure how to install them. Could someone suggest a ROM that would be best for this? Also, would you be able to state what works and what dosen't work please? And now that I have the ROM which you suggested, how do I install it? Thanks you very Much.

P.S I suck at Andriod Custom "ROMing"

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Hi, about how-to, you can read this guide, since you've never done this don't skip steps while reading ;)

About roms, you can use racerboy's roms (either 2.3.7 cm7 Racer full #224v2 or 2.3.7 cm7 Racer full #257v2 or ICSv5MOD), or you can use equiliym's roms, right now I use his latest (cm-7-20120805-NIGHTLY-mooncake) and have been pretty stable for me but cm-7-20120805-NIGHTLY-mooncake and cm-7-20120624-NIGHTLY-mooncake are stable enough as well.

As for what works and what doesn't read the threads but pretty much everything is working alright.

Good luck!

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I'm new to this too, but bought one of these a few weeks ago, so I thought I'd share my limited experience for what it's worth.

First up, it's a good idea to download and install google's android SDK for your pc platform of choice. In particular, android-debug-bridge (adb) is a useful tool even if you don't consider yourself a developer.

Now, it's usually suggested to use Universal Androot to open the root account on the phone. I found that after trying the temp-root option with that app, I was unable to make a shell connection from adb. I don't know whether that's any indication of what happens when you go for a permanent root, but it didn't inspire me with confidence. So I tried the older Visionary+ app as my root-exploit on T3020, and that did what I expected.

Clockworkmod recovery for mooncake gen 1 is the latest that seems to work for me.

As for roms, there are plenty of them. Try a few and see what you like. Racerboy's latest CM7.2-RC1 has seemed pretty stable to me over the past week or so. Equillym's more current nightlies have a slight issue in the dialer making the key-pad hard to access from within a call. I can't get bluetooth to work reliably with either of them, so let us know how go with that if you try it.

Don't rush. Read the guides. Once you've rooted the phone, get recovery working and back up your stock rom before you proceed. Good luck.

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