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:::::> Android 4.0.4 for PC & Live USB

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Android 4.0.4 Ice Cream Sandwich for PC & Live USB

This tutorial is for installing Android Ice Cream Sandwich 4.0.4 on your PC, in this case create a Live USB Android to run a more portable, fully functional, fast, and handy for using. It works for x64 & x86 computers. (Tested on a computer x64 with an Intel).


-ISO Android 4.0.4 ICS --Download--

-LiLi (Linux Live USB Creator) --Download--

-Pendrive 512mb minimum (USB1)

-Pendrive 2Gb minimum (USB2)



1- Connect your Pendrive USB1 and apply a quick format to delete all files stored in pendrive.

2- Run LiLi (Linux Live USB Creator) and where it says 'Step 1' select your pendrive USB1.

3- Then select where it says ISO / IMG / ZIP and select the ISO Android 4.0 you downloaded.

4- Click the yellow lightning symbol is at the bottom. when you click LiLi will start the process of creating and recording of Android 4.0 on your USB1. Just wait for it to finish the process (the program will indicate this in the section of the yellow lightning).

5- Conect your pendrive USB2 and reboot your PC.

6- Upon restart, enter bios boot device selection to tell the PC you want to boot from your USB1 (for booting selection, this depends of your pc, in some case is F12, F9, F8, DEL, you will have to investigate it)

7- Boot from your USB1. A window of Android-x86 will appear, select 'Install to harddisk ".

8- Many letters and codes appear for several seconds, do not worry is normal as you start reading all the drives and partitions that are connected to the PC.

9- Then, a list of drives connected, is a list where the right is the name of the connected hardware or drive, here you will recognize the name (brand) of your USB2, example: "sdc1 DTRAVELER KINGSTON G2". When you recognize your USB2's name, select it.

10- Now it asks you, format your USB2?, select 'fat32'

11- Now it asks you, want to install the GRUB bootloader?, select 'YES'

12- Asks you if you want to create the DATA partition on Android, select 'YES'. its default value is 512MB, I recommend minimum 1024MB. Then select 'YES'.

13- Then it begins to create Android in USB2, when it ends select 'Reboot'.

14- Your PC will reboot, enter in bios selection boting device and boot from your USB2, then select 'Run Android x86', then Android ICS will start, only set it as you want. And it's everything. It is not necessary make root, it is rooted :)

:::>Recommendations of essential apps for this rom:

--To turn off the screen and lock:

Download 'Screen Off and Lock' ( Katecca) or 'Turn Off The Lights' (Protoport)

- -To sleep your PC, just press the power button once, and Android will be lock and turn off the screen and sleep your PC. To restore just press any key again and wake up your PC showing the lock screen of Android.

--To exit of android and reboot the PC, just press CTRL + ALT + DEL.

--To exit of android and turn off the PC, just press the power button for several seconds after turning off disconnect your USB.


Click here to see

Note: This screenshots are resized.



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