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ADB and G300 (Busybox)

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I've have adb working on Debian Squeeze Linux and I can copy, push etc on a ZTE Blade running Swedish Spring.

I've just upgraded to a G300 and I wanted to copy over a few custom ringtones to the internal memory.

The phone is rumnning the standard Vodafone B892 2.366 firmware (rooted using Pauls' script) but I have removed or frozen a few of the Vodafone bloat.

I can connect to the phone it is shown with a "adb device" command and I can get a adb shell (root and user). The strange thing is that adb remount doesn't work and commands like cp are not there.

I think it is because busybox is not on this rom (but the root explorer app works ?)


1, Am I having problems because Busybox is not installed ?

2, Is there a safe way of installing it so I can still OTA to ICS when it is available ?


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