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[ROM][2.3.7]MIUI ZTE V880 (Calling devs for support)

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Downloaded this nice looking ROM from a chinese forum.

Removed the chinese apps from the ROM and settings.apk replaced with english version.

This ROM have some bugs:

1.No keyboard( i used go keyboard)

2.USB mass storage(Works for first 3-4 instances after that phone reboots every time i enable mass storage)

3.On certain application no text is visible because of white background and white text of App.(for e.g. in Colornote>backup menu,go keyboard>theme settings>customize theme)

Is it possible to check that this Rom has any security risk like LewaOS.

Any help by DEVS in resolving above issues will be highly appeciated.

***I'm not a developer.








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ROM is not butter smooth, its like previous MIUI 2.3.7 Roms(MIUI-BLADE-BETA7).

Settings menu has no lag.

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