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How to remove the vodafone limits in android by editing the imei backup files

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When you install the official rom for the G300, the phone limits the language choices to just 4 languages. When my imei however has changed to 0 because of downgrading to stock, after installation, I could choose all languages available in android, there was no vodafone crapware installed which is actually perfect.

Now I have restored the imei number with the 5irom tool, and bang, gone are all the language options and the stupid Vodafone crapware has returned in an instant.

I figured out it has to do with the 5.img, 10.img and 11.img files you are recovering.

When I only recover the 5.img file (which is the biggest) the crapware does return, and I can again only choose 4 languages. However, when a different sim is entered (in my case a Dutch one) it automatically changes the language to Dutch, yet I cannot choose the language nor can I use it in the default android keyboard.

Now I find this very irritating, the functionality is inside the ROM it is on the phone taking up space but arrogant Vodafone doesn't let me use it.

Does anyone know if there is a way to edit the img files in a away that those stupid Vodafone limitations are gone? I don't want to use a custom rom because it is going to be my mother in the Netherlands that is going to use it and I want her to be able to update as soon as there is an update. I am living in Portugal so I cannot just go to her place to fix things.

Another interesting fact. I backed up the imei before I made it simlock free. When I recovered the imei using those backup files, the phone was locked again. Fortunately with the unlock code I already had, I could unlock it again. So in those img files there is also the simlock setting hidden.

I hope someone can help me out here.

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For what i've been reading to be able to use vodafone upgrades you need to keep all their bloatware on the phone.

So doing what you want will invalidate the update function.

Personally i would rather have a custom rom stable than a stock rom full of crap.

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Damn, I thought to outsmart them :P

Well then I hope the custom roms are stable enough so I can put it on my mothers phone. I won't be able to update it for a year or so, so if there is a bug, there is nothing I can do. That is why I prefer stock. At least, if there is an update, it will be easy to install.

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