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Help with link2sd

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just wondering if anyone can point me in the right direction, I think link2sd is fantastic, but not sure B934 on the G300 agrees, when I try and do a backup through clockwork, it always says no sdext found, even though it is there and my apps are installed there through link2sd.

i have tried having the default storage as the internal SD and also as the external SD, both with no success.

Looking at the storage info through link2sd, the internal storage 2.05GB as mnt/sdcard is being used and it is listing my sdext as sd card 2nd part /data/sdext2

I don't really want to play with ROM's as I cannot do a nandroid and reinstalling everything is a pain in the bum


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Could be a problem of filesystem on the second partition in your sd card, it could be diferent from the filesystem Workclockmod recovery works (that I don't really know what it is).

Maybe this could be usefull for you


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