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Vodafone Smart II Alcatel v860 - ROM with ROOT RO-HU-EN-FR v0.1 19-08-2012

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roeddie custom rom

edition v0.1

Changelog: 19-08-2012

info: the files alcatel-onetouch.7z.001 and alcatel-onetouch.7z.002

are packed with 7z (7zip)

you can download from here


1. How to make flash.

First unpack "alcatel-onetouch.7z" to ROOT of your MicroSD Card.

"must be in root eXactly like this "f:\alcatel-onetouch\backup\"

(where f:\ is your letter of the MicroSD Card)

so for that just unzip, unrar the files "alcatel-onetouch.7z" to your MicroSD Card letter mine is f:\

2. Insert in your Vodafone Smart II aka Alcatel v860 smarthphone and be sure that you have

the phones battery charged at 100% before continue.

3. make backup of your stock rom first just in case something is wrong

start up phone with VOLUME UP + POWER as soon as is vibrate just let go of

POWER key and don't let go of VOLUME UP till

TCT ALCATEL Recovery v1.0.0.0 appears

to navigate use VOLUME UP + VOLUME DOWN

to enter in subdirectory or to enter use HOME (HOUSE)

to go back from subdirectory use GO BACK ARROW

4. To make BACKUP of existing ROM go to

- - backup and restore - backup

5. To RESTORE do

- wipe userdata/factory reset (confirm with YES -- delete all user data)

- wipe cache partition (confirm with YES -- Wipe Cache)

- advanced - Wipe Dalvik Cache (confirm with YES -- Wipe Dalvik Cache)

- backup and restore - Restore (select "apps")

Wait to complete restore operation and

- reboot system now

================================================== ====================


English (United Kingdom)




================================================== ====================



With Applications version

Requires: microSD memory card inserted in the phone with a TOTAL of 1GB free space

1. Totally UNBRANDED from Vodafone Crap

2. ROOT access with Superuser

3. Link2SD for advanced USERS

4. has over 77 MB free space of internal memory

5. has best tweaked settings for CAMERA

(Video, Photo & Sound Quality, as much as this phone can offer)

(encoding 25fps, MP4, AVC h264with maximum of 1.5 mb/s of 640x480)

(AAC withmaximum bitRate 128kbs and 16000 Hz, Stereo)

6. Added Volume Sound Boost by 20%

(now you can hear better and louder in the limit of the speaker)

7. IMPROVED speed up and performance with new settings

(by now this one is the fastest rom)

8. Total Commander with ROOT support (the best file manager ever)

9. BATTERY BOOSTER to balance and maximixe battery without loss in performance

10. Launcher replaced with tweaked more powerfull and less memory eater LaucherPro

12. Customization and many, many, many others tweaks and hacks.....

(it's a looooong list)

13. Build in with Apps and Games.

//== Download ==\\

PART 1: MD5: 4bc9447811f450c354cd2b4bfd3bed53

SHA1: 6734f0539649f988aa38a6fc80682186adedaf96

PART 2:MD5: 403a1ab7a858447dd8d4f68290788a9e

SHA1: 3a093897713b824152fa8a17d31286abcbed753e

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