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Music problems - sound like in a tunnel/tube

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I've just bought this neat phone and I noticed that every song I play with my headphones has some sort of "live effect" or to say it sounds like the sound is coming from a tube. This is very annoying... I tried both the headset that I got with the phone, and one from my mp3 player. I played music on "Music" and "Play Music" apps. Results are the same. It's like when you turn on an effect with and equalizer. I have unrooted phone with android 2.3. [i tried looking for options in player but there is nothing like EQ to be changed, no effects and such]

Can someone please tell me if I can make the sound normal please? :(

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As misewic said, untick DTS and also anything else such equalisers, tones, etc. Anything like this will destroy the original sound, use precious resources including battery life and give you a bad audio experience overall. Once you've disabled 'all' audio effects, restart and try again.

If you're still experiencing with the same issue... try different ear/headphones and even mini powered speakers or a wire it to a full range amp.

The audio on the G300 is pretty average and not one of it's best points, but good enough for daily use. I've tried over eight different ROM's varying from GingerBread to JellyBean and they all aren't that great. My current iCS ROM does better than most, but still has issues with notifications killing the audio for the length of the notification audio playing, which cause an off effect on the music playing, then continues normally after a couple of seconds. I have a feeling none of this will be fixed until iCS or JB is officially release on the G300... if ever :huh:

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