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Help me find a new contract

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Hello guys!

I currently own a ZTE Crescent which I've had for just under a year, my parents have offered to get me a pay-monthly contract which is around the same price as what I pay for my Three Sim Only contract (£12.90- 5000 texts, 200minutes and All-You-Can-Eat data). I've been looking online for the deals between £7.50-£15.50 and I'm wondering what you guys would recommend.

I just want a upgrade really, something a bit better than my Crescent, and hopefully has a decent development community, but it's not essential. I need to have a decent amount of texts (At least 3000), having plenty of data would be great but I'm not hopeful so I'd settle for anything really, and i don't really care about minutes (50 or so would do me).

I'd love to get the G300 on contract but I can't find it anywhere in the UK on contract.

So far here are my options;

HTC Desire C

Motorola Motoluxe

Nokia Lumia 610

Sony Xperia U

Orange San Diego

Sony Xperia Tipo

Nokia Lumia 710

Motorola Motosmart

Samsung Galaxy Ace II (Not a very good contract)

Sony Ericsson Xperia Arc S (Again, not a very good contract)

Please bear in mind that I live in the United Kingdom so I need to find a UK-based contract so I can't use any foreign networks.



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