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Buying phones from China - reputable online store?

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After seeing all these nice phones available in china with great specs

I was just wondering if anyone has any experience with ordering from China and if you have, post your experiences and the address of the website you used?


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i only have addresses, and a bit of experience.

dx.com: they are slow as hell, always hide behind the "sorry for the trouble we cost ya" excuse, the inexistency of sending items separately if out of stock (unless you use customer service frequently).

tinydeal.com: correct guys/gals, quick (2-3 weeks), not sitting on their laurels for weeks (like the guys above) if you make an order. send items separately working without nagging the staff.

priceangels.com: a bit shitty, ungroomed database, but they are quick and reliable. just don't try to order many stuff.

pandawill.com: hey, nice android phones!

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