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Installing the best ROM for the ZTE Racer smartphone

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Greetings to all, I write these lines to ask this: Of the multiple hundreds and several Android Froyo and Gingerbread ROM's, what you believe that is the best to use on my cell phone which is object in this subforum? The CyanogenMod's are stables, but weigh enough. Of those who have tried, what's the more stable and faster? And finally, do you know any app from Task Manager that is like the one that comes in the Eclari (version number: 0.1aplha)? It is lie that almost all that I tried not "down me" altogether the TweetCaster, it still consumes hundreds of KB of data, even if use all at the same time, follows "reviving" as if nothing, and I do not know what to do!

PS: Do not recommend me using something like the DroidWall. The last time I used it I don't know what I played, but the under-3G navigation was more than inefficient.

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It depends how you define best, i.e. for game play, for speed, for stability for making calls etc??

Cyanogen does offers nice features such as audio DSP, faster code execution, low bit rate aac+ stereo support and gingerbread to run gingerbread apps, however all good things comes at a price.

The digital compass doesn't work, Bluetooth and Wifi do not play nicely together, some games like Asphalt 5 and Angry Birds Space don't work correctly.

There has been reports of problems with calling audio being broken sometimes but I don't use my handset for calls anyway so I can't comment.

If you want stability for your handset then you should stay with the stock 2.1 ROM or 2.2 if your mobile operator is offering an update.

btw: it is possible to disable mobile internet access from Android 2.1 just dial *983*0# select Radio Info, [Menu] key, More, Disable data connection.

Richard S.

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