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Adobe Flash Player returns to Google Play Store in UK

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Following pressure from UK "strategic partners" Adobe have made the Flash Player available again.

Adobe originally announced that Flash Player was being removed on the 15th August 2012, and it WAS removed, so why is it back in the UK, surely HTML5 is a proven technology now?

The BBC was one of the strategic partners that asked Adobe to delay removal. Flash is the technology underpinning the BBC's iPlayer application.

The above is a direct quote from the BBC. Google bundle a version of Flash within their Chrome browser, so why cant the BBC do this with their iPlayer application?

Can't the BBC just update the iPlayer Android application to point to the 640x360 iPhone streams they serve for iOS users? I know they are unencrypted streams, but the end user is not going to know this.

The plug-in is only available via Google Play UK and would be removed again "soon", said Adobe.

Meanwhile it still will not be available on Jelly Bean, so if you need BBC iPlayer on your Nexus 7 may I suggest Paul's MoDaCo Custom Rom, while we wait for the BBC to update the iPlayer application.

[Via: BBC News]

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