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Make a Dell Streak 5 a tablet

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Ok here is my question, I have a Dell Streak 5 and I am getting a new 4G phone. What I want to do is rip out the cell phone part of the OS so it basically is a functioning tablet with wifi.

Why, I'm going to give it to my son(10 yrs old) and I don't want to give him a phone yet. Basically I want to stop it from being a phone.

Was thinking I could use the Dell Streak 7 image on the 5 but not sure if that would work.

Can I rip out the phone service from the phone with out screwing the OS?

Suggestions would be appreciated.


I have rooted and applied new OS images a few times so I'm not unfamilar with the process. Just need to know what would be do'able for my scenario.

Thanks in advance for any help.

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