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a glance Rivers arrangements

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"What an obnoxious guy, Jerseys from china,Turned and ran toward the half Johnson waved slightly upset the body, if the ball into the penalty would not see Yang Shuai performances.

Ball Londo shipped frontcourt again handed Garnett's hands, this time guarding him Horford - Williams, Horford body more robust compared to Marvin, he tightly attached to the Garnett's body, let Garnett have too Expand offensive space.

Garnett will feint left foot slightly to retreat in the face of Horford doing breakthrough, equivalent to a perimeter player flexibility and dribbling ability Garnett often make a variety of breakthrough action, Horford had filed 12 Sub-spirit.

The left substantial shake, Garnett seemingly breakthrough along the bottom line, the center of gravity suddenly pulled the right ball heavy Wangdishangyi shot from the right side of the conflict to the basket. Garnett pace, although just dribble step will be picked up, but the second step has been very close to the basket.

Marvin Pierce brought from beyond the arc - Williams immediately stepped forward anti-folders, Garnett quickly found an outside space of Pierce, but he did not hurry to pass, but the high jump up doing the shooting action. Marvin - Williams really fooled, he wants to interfere with the same starting Garnett training and preparation of the outside of the ball in the air and Pierce.

Pierce has run away, plus Williams jump interference, and this time he has not been possible to interfere with the the Lvshanjun captain, in the top of the key defensive Ray - Allen Johnson rushed the Qianpu anti, but he ran a two-step will see Pierce the ball reached the hands of Ray - Ray Allen, another busy ran back.

Johnson also ran back to see over another white figure red heart underground passage is not good, shouting: "Go back, Josh!"

Already ran up against Josh - Smith indeed turned and ran back in this time, but how can he ran - Ray Allen's passing, the right corner, Yang Shuai received - Ray Allen's passing vacancy opportunity, Young Hunks of course, will not let go.

"Go, go to the basket!" Jump to the highest point, Yang Shuai wrist flick the ball toward the basket voted.

"Can not enter!" Can not touch this guy shot some even baskets! "The Eagles fans shout slogans in the heart, but Reggie - Miller's voice through a microphone pass into the screen a fan in front of the ear.

"Third space, Yang, YES ball into the ball, hollow Hit!

"Shua!" Listen crisp sound, Cheap Nike jerseys,Yang Shuai can not help but half-squinting force nodded, this sound is really sweet.

"Well done!" Rivers presence of hard patting the palm, "really do not understand Young's three-point ability Why is there such a big progress, but I like to."

Rivers, of course, like Yang Shuai almost every field at least one-third of the ball, and how important is how he will not clear for a substitute perimeter player, creating a vacancy when the Big Three, the other players to be doing? The only thing they do is damn basketball into the basket.

Celebrated his goal, Yang Shuai immediately focus on the defensive end, he now has to face the Eagles game is the most active guy, Joe - Johnson.

Johnson in front of a good state let Bibby immediately after the dribble over half the ball past the ball in hand, Johnson immediately signaled his teammates opened, he began to slowly dribble in looking beyond the arc offensive opportunities. .

Young handsome does not close, Johnson has begun to dribble, close is not a very good defensive way, he chose to put the other half a step. Johnson did not feint started directly toward the left break, Yang Shuai just traversing the center of gravity, Johnson suddenly stopped.

Change direction, the Johnson the ball Wang Youce pull, Yang Shuai slightly leaned over judgment, in Johnson changed back to paste the other, but this time, Johnson was a sudden acceleration, the goal is still the left.

The feint badword! "Cheated Yang Shuai react immediately forced to turn over their bodies, and then paste from his side crossed each other at the Johnson necessary.

Just a touch of the body, the Yang Shuai immediately the strength of his body burst out, he had fallen into a passive, but he did not give each other easily rounded out inside.

Yang Shuai This move really effective, sudden force to fight Johnson's breakthrough moment of stagnation experienced defensive Yang Shuai keen to seize this moment, completely fit in the other side of the trunk.

Feel fall into and Young handsome body entangled Johnson furious, but his forces they can not completely Young handsome roof open, look inside, Garnett ready to help defend the preparation, Elilte nfl jerseys ,Johnson changed a direct rushed inside idea.

Johnson the ball back in the pediment pull emergency stop while body, originally handed the ball of the left hand, right hand, and then jumped up and ready to shoot.

Yang Shuai emergency brake, also refused to seal seal face, leaps flac will swing towards the ball over. Yang Shuai jump flac and Young handsome body entangled Johnson's jump height is not high, and even has flat the position along over the wrist Johnson palm, that Johnson shocked, from his point of view, Yang Shuai seems to want to touch the basketball arc to improve his ball immediately.

"Bang!" The ball hit the basket on a pop-up, Garnett will rebound under control Londo bolted away toward the half after the ball without him in accordance with the arrangements of the Rivers Crimping rhythm.

Celtic in the rhythm down, this is a wise, shirt Army main force are no longer young, fast-paced and adverse. "Smith at a glance Rivers arrangements.

Woodson also noted that the intention of the Celtics, he signaled on the sidelines of the players forced tight, forcing the Celtic rhythm filed, but the Celtics moved the ball well defuse the force anti.

Drop more than re-ball in hand, Cheap nfl jerseys,then pay attention to Yang Shuai and Ray - Allen two running figure, Hawks players with a very tight, but in the tactical front of the Celtics specially designed system, their defensive still exposed the flaws.

Johnson followed beside Yang Shuai, see Yang Shuai suddenly had to be rushed high anti-run, he is also busy with the past, but only a step on the feeling to hit a man, busy shouted: "fill defense! "

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