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Help Needed, lost IMEI and stuck at FTM bootloop

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I tried to upgrade my friend's ZTE V9c tablet rom, but after trying a couple roms i lost my IMEI and i didn't make a Channel1.nvm nv memory backup cause i only found out about it after i lost the IMEI...

Now when i turn on the tablet it boots directly into FTM screen.

I found a Channel1.nvm file for the zte blade which i modified and put in this tablet's IMEI and fortunatly now it can boot into android again, but i still don't have an IMEI which means that file isn't 100% compatible with the V9c.

I can't find any Channel1.nvm file online for the zte v9c, so could somebody please make a backup from a V9 or V9c tablet and send it to me so that i can try to fix my friend's tablet?

I atach here the backup program and simple Channel1.nvm backup instructions:

1. Turn Of the Tablet. Press and hold the VOL - button. Without releasing it, press and hold the POWER button also. Do not release any of them for ~15 seconds.

2. This will take you to the FTM mode. Big letters with white background will appear on the screen.

3. Connect the device to the computer with the USB cable that came along.

4. Open Start menu, right-click on Computer, select Properties. Click on Device Manager (top left).

5. Expand the Ports (COM & LPT) section. You will see a ZTE Handset Diagnostic Interface (DFU) entry. Note down the COM port number that appears in front of it.

6. Open the folder you extracted from V9_Flasher.zip. Start Sales_MultiDL_MSM7227_patched.exe

7. Choose Option -> Port Config and configure the COM on Line 1 -- DIAG to the port number you noted down above. Click OK when finished.

8. If you followed the steps correctly, at 1., you will see your device's name in the SW box and a READY in green at the right. If not, repeat steps 2-9.

9. Choose "Backup NV" in 'Action Mode' and click "Start All". Wait. Now a file called Channel1.nvm will be created in that directory, ~70 KB.

Thanks, please help

V9 Flasher.zip

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