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Swap or lowmemory killer?

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Hi guys.

Since I´ve read somewhere that swap is not compatible with lowmemory killer, I´d like to ask:

witch one will give me more advantages (or disadvantages) in a 256Mb phone? (I am using Swedish Snow RLS7, with Darktremor a2sd, if that matters)

For example, the Facebook hidden process keep returning from death all day, and maybe lowmemory killer could put him to death for good (or at least keep killing it over and over again).

What real advantages does swap bring to a low memory system like mine?

It seems to me that lowmemory killer could be more usefull than swap in my case, but maybe I am overlooking something.

When the phone is idle, I have something between 38Mb and 50Mb free, what, in my opinion, is very little (and at the same time, too much variation).

So: swap or lowmwm killer? Let the discussion begin! ;)

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umm... I didn't knew that lowmemory killer are incompatible with swap...

AFAIK lowmemory killer are just a presets of RAM management system, like how much the free memory before the system will start killing apps, etc


but I always use swap on my 256 blade and it helps a lot, especially for running games..

in addition I oftenly also use RAM Manager, or built in lowmemory killer (like on cyanmobile ROM), and I feel that it helps a lot too ^_^

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