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Android's massive growth continues

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Android's founder Andy Rubin has taken to Twitter to update followers on the latest Android activation / growth stats... and they make for great reading for Google!

His message:


"There have been half a billion android activations to date, with over 1.3m added every day."

Whichever way you look at it they are phenomenal figures that are growing at an incredible rate. Andy tweeted on 10th June that activations were at 900,000 a day, so a 400k growth per day in that short space of time is impressive.

In reality, the actual number of Android devices out there is growing even quicker - these stats only include 'GMS' devices, devices shipped with Google's software suite and blessing. When you factor in the Amazon Kindle Fire devices, non GMS devices shipping in China and the huge number of 'unofficial' Android devices the real figures are probably much higher.

Onwards and upwards! :)

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