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Can I delete everything on the SD card?

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I posted this elsewhere, but it must have been in the wrong place as I didn't get any answers.

My Huawei G300 didn't come with a micro SD card so I am using the 2GB one I had in the OSF.

While trying to install ICS I noticed that there are a load of files on it including Japanese Jellyfish, Swedish Spring, all the downloads from trying to install custom ROMs along with some apps.

If I copy the apps to the phone, can I safely delete everything on the card in normal use?

If so, do I then copy the apps back to the SD card?

Is it best to save everything to the SD card rather than the phone?

Under Storage settings it lists SD card - total space 1.86GB, Available 371MB, Internal SD card - Total space 2.02GB, Available 1.42GB, Intenral storage - Available 502MB.

I understand that the first one is the removable SD card, but what is the Internal SD card?

Thanks for any replies.

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Internal SD card is another form of internal storage, as I understand it.

You're right in thinking that you have to move the apps off your SD first. I don't think anything critical is stored on the SD other than backups and stuff you've put on there yourself. :)

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