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Internal storage gone

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Hi, I recently got a acer liquid mt and when i opened it, it had 185 MB of storage. So I rooted my phone using superoneclick to try Link2SD and all went well. Then i decided to do a fresh start so I uninstalled everyting and did a factory reset. However only 125MB is available to me now instead of the initial 185. I also did a hard reset but the result is the same.

When I checked with diskUsage, it seems there are 48 MB taken by the apps, like gmail and the browser. Is it possible that the factory reset installs the apps in the storage space instead of the OS dedicated space ?

How can I reclaim that lost 60 MB ? I find it's kind of a problem since it's one third of my storage gone.

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Thanks for your suggestion but i'm new to android and smartphones in general so I don't know how to do it. Do you have a guide to do that ? I found this file on the acer website under OS section, is it what i need : Acer_LiquidMetal_1.101.47_PA-ROGERS_01.24.01_48DF209E52E00C77B318A4A2540A2F7F.bin ?

It comes with a guide but it says it will only upgrade, not delete anything.

Thanks for your help.

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