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Can't install rom, stuck in recovery

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Hello community.

I have this ZTE Blade that is stuck in recovery. Any time I try to flash a rom it seems that it is working. No errors, but when I reboot it just goes back into recovery. I've tried every method described here: http://www.modaco.com/topic/343587-guide-de-bricking-a-zte-blade/

The results where varied, but it always ended up the same, unable to install a rom.

Varius info:

European ZTE Blade GEN3 (converted to GEN2)

I can reflash any recovery successfully

When I hold VOLUME UP and boot, it won't go into recovery but I can't get Windows to recognize it either (for the fastboot method)

When I try the TPT method, it only shows "Update from T-Flash card! error! error! error!..."

So... What can I do?

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