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Help with Market/Google Play on newly updated tablet

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Hi guys, hope someone can help me, I have 2 problems stopping me from installing 75% of the apps I want on my tablet which I just updated to it's official JellyBean ROM. No one else has reported this problem with this tablet/ROM so I hope someone knows the solution.

1) with around 50% of the apps (paid for and free) I get the error "Couldn't Install on the USB storage or SD card" (see screenshot)

2) a lot of apps (Chrome for example) say they are not compatible, yet they were fine in ICS and they are fine on my JellyBean phone.

Number 2 I've seen before and been able to add an android.hardware.location.gps.xml file in to system/etc/permissions and it's work, but it's not working this time.

Number 1 has me really stumped, searching the net finds the problems on all sorts of devices and there's 2 solutions, neither of which work, one is to unmount the SD card and install, then remount it - I've unmounted & removed the card, but nothing (I have 16Gb internal memory too). The other solution is to delete any files called "smdl2tmp1" of which I have none.

Now I've tried wiping the cache etc, re-installing the ROM, doing factory resets etc but nothing is helping. I have also noticed that my internal memory isn't getting wiped each time and I cannot find how to wipe it.

The tablet has CWM recovery built in but it's in chinese, but I know my way around it.

I have noticed that if I install and load up Astro file manager it lists my storage options as this (click for screenshot)

Local Storage 1 (USB) - I have nothing plugged in to the slot

Local Storage 2 tries to point to external SD card even when it's unmounted or not even in (this still appears if I have nothing plugged in on boot too)

Local Storage 3 is my internal memory

Local Storage 1 & 2 allow me to open them but there's nothing in there and I cannot add folders etc (no errors, it just doesn't do it)

Please can anyone offer advice?

My tablet is pretty useless with hardly any apps installed on it.

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