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urgent need help - only for eXperienced Users !

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hi there

i need some help

if someone could pack these for me it will be great.

couse i can not do it by my self.

boot.img-kernel and ramdisk-new.gz

here is the unpacked boot.img


someone, anybody please pack them if you could with these values

BOARD_KERNEL_CMDLINE no command line just kernel and page


BOARD_KERNEL_BASE ------> 0xffff8000 <------

BOARD_PAGE_SIZE ------> 3270696 <------


i could not pack these values 3270696

it says page size error

my command line

./mkbootimg --kernel boot.img-kernel --ramdisk ramdisk-new.gz --base 0xffff8000 --pagesize 3270696 -o boot_new.img

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