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sumvision titan 9.7 inch tablet

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just got one of these tablets and must say in very impressed. build quality its very good. plenty of explain via both the sd card route and just adding a thumb drive via the usb host.

the video playback is smooth. plays mkvs with no problem.

only problem its i have no way of rooting this

tried super one click and that hangs

z4root doesn't do it

can't install a custom recovery though its easy enjoy to get it into the stock recovery

would love to get this rooted if only to get the bluetooth upgraded if someone knows how to create custom recovery forthe universal ics root then i'd interested in giving it a go.

well worth 169quid

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Yes its a very good ROM at the price, now £159. I have rooted but cant find a method of installing CWM. JB is now out but I cannot get the device drivers to work in Win 8 or XP, crazy stuff this Android.

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