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What apps do you think are missing from the base Android build?

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AOSP is a pretty great experience now, but I think Google could step up and add a few more applications in to fill out 'stock devices' a bit, thereby reducing the amount of custom stuff that needs to be added by an OEM.

I'm interested to hear any else's thoughts on this, what do you think should be in there?

Things I would like are...

  • a user friendly backup app
  • a flashlight app
  • a FM radio app
  • a better music app (this already exists, Play Music should be in base builds for all territories)
  • a notes app (with Google Drive sync?)
  • an office / PDF viewer from Google (enabled by the acquisition of QuickOffice?)
  • a tasks app (with sync to Google Tasks)
  • a video app with wide codec support

News and Weather are already supported in the 'Genie' app, but they could be improved. We're seeing Chrome replace 'Browser' for a better stock internet experience.

I'd also like a nice multi-network social client, but I can't see Google doing that. :D


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